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The KWC Ono Touch (with remote)

KWC One Touch

This is a beautiful new faucet from KWC, the Swiss manufacturer of high quality faucets for the kitchen. They prize themselves on “evoking emotion as a part of their design, by adopting a creative innovative approach to shapes, colors, materials and technologies”. This faucet, however, just seems a little odd to me. Even though it […]

A New Crystal Display Coming Soon

Scout Waiting

We are so happy to announce that work has begun here at our showroom on our new display featuring Crystal Cabinet Works! We have had so much interest in this terrific custom product, so the new display should provide a great opportunity for our visitors to see the fine craftsmanship of this beautiful cabinetry. We […]

Miele + Hollywood Sierra Kitchens


Hollywood Sierra Kitchens is pleased to announce that we are now a Trade Partner for Miele appliances. As a trade partner, Hollywood Sierra is able to assist with our clients’ orders of Miele’s fine products, including coordination of professional Miele-certified delivery and installation with Miele’s unique Concierge service. Come visit us at our showroom to […]

Kitchen Designer to the Stars (sort of)


It would be awfully fun to tout ourselves as the “go to” designers for Hollywood’s A list (heck, it would be fun to have even the D list in our hip pocket!). Imagine the press! The accolades! The great cocktail party stories that we would get to tell to riveted party guests! Well, Hollywood Sierra […]

InSinkErator Rocks Zero-Waste Goal


Our clients often ask our help in selecting items for their kitchen…sometimes those items include the mundane, like the lowly garbage disposal. Being a bit of a kitchen nerd, I usually beam and rave excitedly…”you must get the Insinkerator Evolution Excel!” OK, so it’s just a disposer, but it is well made (in the USA […]

Formaldehyde: What you need to know


More and more of our clients are curious about formaldehyde in our wood cabinetry products. Our friends at Draper DBS have developed a quick Q & A sheet that we wanted to share with you to help to educate you on this important matter. What is Formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical compound produced […]